Hi! Hannah Royce, here. I'm a creative who lives + works in Oklahoma City.

Over the past 5 years I have managed social accounts for retail shops, spa + wellness, product-based businesses, coworking spaces and more. I believe my love for digital marketing truly comes from my love for people. I grew up in a small Oklahoma town and made my way to OKC in 2013.

I found myself in the Plaza District - a place where the weird are welcome. This implanted a connection to the movers + shakers of the city. They changed my perception of the town entirely. After years of wanting to leave Oklahoma - I found myself totally (and authentically) empowered by the female artists, small business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profit professionals and district managers surrounding me.


         "It is she who has 

enough                confidence to

 define              success and failure

       for herself who succeeds.”

- sophia amoruso


I wanted to shine the spotlight on these kickass women. I also wanted to bring an empowering and unique experience full-circle for everyone. 96% of the time - confident isn't a word women use to describe themselves. I was ready to change that and I'm still working to do so. 

This revelation came to me when I realized the power of change and love within your own corner of the world. It's powerful stuff. We needed an annual event that showcased the empowered + confident women of our city. Thus, Confidence Con was born. The event is an extension of my feelings toward the amazing, powerful and beautiful women in OKC and beyond. 

I currently work full-time as a Social Strategist for CooperHouse. Stay tuned for awesome updates on how we can work together. 

my best + warmest,